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Thread Body Lift in Davie, FL is a minimally invasive procedure for correcting facial fine lines, wrinkles, and minor skin laxity. It helps you achieve youthful skin results for several months, is a safe procedure, and has minimal downtime. At Aestheta, we provide a wide range of skin tightening procedures that help firm up and rejuvenate the skin. As you age and your skin starts becoming loose, there are very few alternatives to a surgical facelift to fix the drooping cheeks and sagging jowls. However, we often have patients who don’t want to go through a surgical procedure and the longer recovery periods.
We specialize in using the most sophisticated and widely used techniques for the treatment.

What is the Thread Body Lift Procedure?

We provide thread lift as an alternative in our Med Spa in Davie, FL. The procedure involves implanting fine and absorbable threads for lifting sagging tissues, stimulating collagen production, lifting and tightening the skin.

The treatment involves the use of PDO threads. These are dissolvable sutures that are typically used in different types of surgery. The threads are used for lifting and tightening the skin to provide a more youthful appearance and feel. The sutures will then be crafted using polydioxanone. This is a commonly used material for sealing wounds and surgical incisions. It is a safe compound for use in the body.

Our Medical Spa in Davie, FL uses this procedure to lift and rejuvenate the following areas:

  • Forehead
  • Brow
  • Jawline
  • Lower & upper cheek area
  • Neck & décolletage

Benefits of Thread Lift

A significant benefit of thread lift is that you will not feel or see any sutures in your skin. There are many more reasons for seeking this treatment:

  • The treatment session takes around 30 minutes
  • You can get the desired results for up to 24 to 36 months and more!
  • The sutures are safe and proven
  • There is almost zero downtime after the treatment

The results from such a cosmetic procedure are almost similar to those of invasive, surgical facelift procedures. However, there is no additional pain and downtime.

Things to Know About Thread Body Lift

When you visit our Medical Spa in Davie, FL, Dr. Margulian Sergei will conduct a thorough assessment before answering all your questions. There are many things you should know about before choosing thread lift.

Are You a Good Candidate for Thread Lift?

If you are showing early signs of aging, you can be an ideal candidate for thread lift. That is if you are in the age group 35-45. This includes:

  • Jaw prominence
  • Level of sagging in the mid-face area
  • Degree of under-eye bags/puffiness

What is Involved in a Thread Lift Procedure?

The key steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

  • Surgical sutures are added through the layers of skin
  • The sutures are then positioned in place
  • They are pulled tight and secured to create a lifted look
  • The sutures will dissolve in a few weeks and are replaced by the body’s natural collagen production

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Once the thread lift procedure is complete, you can expect the area to be tender, bruised, and swollen. It will usually get healed on its own in a few days. We may require you to rest at home for 1 to 3 days after the procedure.

How Long Can the Results Last?

The body will naturally break down collagen as you age. Your body will continue to produce lesser and lesser collagen to replenish its levels. A thread lift can provide results that can last for anything from 12 months to 24 months. However, you should not expect it to stop the process of natural aging.

What to Expect Post Procedure?

Once you complete your thread lift procedure in our clinic, you should not expect involved recoveries. Most of our patients return to work and normal activities in a day or two. You can expect to have minor levels of swelling and bruising after the procedure, but this should vanish within 3 to 7 days. You may use makeup to conceal them and make sure to avoid exercising or exerting yourself for at last 7 days.

Is There Any Scarring?

At Aestheta, we use a cannula or exceptionally small needle for inserting the threads. The point of insertion is tiny and will heal completely. The threads are placed under the skin and are not visible. Besides, they will completely dissolve after some time. So, a thread lift will not leave any scars.

Besides, Dr. Margulian Sergei has the experience and expertise required to ensure that the results are flawless. So, when it comes to Thread Body Lift in Davie, FL, you can trust us for safe and effective results.

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