Foxy Eyes Thread Lift Treatment

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Fox eyes thread lift treatment is a non-surgical procedure that will physically enhance the shape of your eye instead of using make-up. The procedure is focused on mimicking the appearance of fox eyes. While make-up can also allow you to achieve similar results, fox eyes lift provides longer-lasting results. At Aestheta, we provide fox eyes thread lift and advanced aesthetic medicine techniques throughout Miami, Boca Raton, and Winter Haven, FL areas.

The Procedure

The procedure involves the use of a small local anesthetic injection on each side. It is a non-invasive procedure involves the insertion of a dissolvable PDO/PCL thread under the skin’s surface. The thread stays inconspicuous and is pulled to lift and enhance the corner of your upper eyelid.
The procedure is performed by our Dr. Sergei Margulian, MD, Anesthesiologist/ICU/Pain Management physician. He is an expert in the latest technologies and techniques in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and has been practicing since 2002.

PDO Threading

PDO threading is a common foxy eyes thread lift treatment procedure. Our physician will numb the treatment area with local anesthetic before using tiny threads under the skin. The threads will lift the specific areas of focus. While it is beneficial in creating foxy eyes, the procedure is also used for removing smile lines. You can expect the results to last for 6 to 9 months.

Who is An Ideal Candidate for Foxy Eyes Thread Lift Treatment?

Foxy eyes thread lift treatment is a safe procedure with a very short recovery time, allowing you to achieve your desired looks with longer results. When you visit us for the treatment, we will provide a full consultation and run a thorough examination to determine you are an ideal candidate for the PDO threads treatment.
Almost anyone above 18 can get this treatment if they don’t have excessive sagging skin. Most of the clients that seek the treatment at our office belong to the following profile:
• Women in the age group 20 to 30 who seek to enhance the shape of their eyebrows.
• Women in the age group 40s to 50s who can also benefit from the additional procedures of brow lift.

Benefits of Foxy Eyes Thread Lift Treatment

Some of the key benefits of getting this aesthetic treatment are as follows:
• Create the bold looks you desire without any surgery
• Smooths out and lifts the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduces upper eyelid sagging
• Helps create younger and rejuvenated skin
• Stimulates the productions of collagen and elastin
• Improves the skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity
• Provides natural-looking results
• Involves minimal downtime
• Doesn’t require incision or scarring, and produces natural-looking results
Besides, our team can help develop customizable results.

The Results

The results of foxy eyes thread lift treatment vary based on a number of factors. This includes:
• The body’s metabolism
• Activity
• Lifestyle
• The medical-grade thread used
As mentioned above, PDO threads are the most commonly used threads for this treatment. These are semi-permanent suture materials that will naturally dissolve within 6 to 9 months. The threads are made from complex sugar molecule and the results can last from 6 to 12 months. PDO threads are FDA approved, thus ensuring complete safety.
There are other thread options as well, with some offering longer-lasting results. However, PDO threads provide better results such as enhanced plumping and volume effects. Thus, you can expect a more rejuvenated look.
If you seek to enhance your natural beauty, the highly qualified and experienced team at Aestheta can help you achieve the desired goals. Our offices are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with the cosmetic makeover you desire.

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