Reveal your ideal face with Aesthetic Facial Balancing

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    Aesthetic Facial Balancing is one of the signature services of Dr. Sergei Margulian. The procedure involves using dermal filler in a quick and efficient manner, which helps in rejuvenating your face by balancing the features. At Aestheta, you can get an efficient Aesthetic Facial Balancing procedure that combines aesthetic sensibilities, anatomical knowledge, and artistic vision to give your face a more rejuvenated and natural appearance.

    How is the Aesthetic Facial Balancing procedure conducted?

    At Aestheta, we design individual solutions for each patient and give them specialized treatments according to their needs. Our customized solutions help us bring out and focus on the top features of each patient. Dr. Sergei Margulian conducts the procedure using hyaluronic acid-based fillers and a magic touch, which helps in lasting the results for years. You can notice the remarkable results on our patients as we pay attention to detail and design each treatment with experienced judgment and artistic vision.


    Dr. Sergei Margulian has years of experience in aesthetic procedures and uses his expertise to deliver a balanced and natural-looking result. He can conduct different procedures like rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, or a brow lift, with just a needle and a few minutes from your busy schedule. We have several happy patients who have undergone our treatments and enhanced their features just like they wanted. The procedure helped them to achieve that perfect natural and balanced look.

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    You can spot the difference instantly once you undergo our cosmetic procedures. The treatments are designed to help you regain and maintain healthy, youthful, and joyful life.